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Your Masseuse determines the borders during the Massage, please respect this at all times! Euphoria works strictly by appointment only and assures you of the utmost privacy and discretion at all times. Euphoria is NOT a ‘brothel’ or an ‘escort agency’!
We do NOT do sex, oral or extras!

All Euphoria’s Sensual Massage treatments includes ALL areas of your body being massaged and all Euphoria treatments includes the ultimate Euphoric Climax. Our prices start from R900 and our most exclusive massage is R2000. Euphoria Accepts both cash and card payments (10% service fee on card payments).

Nuru Body 2 Body Massage

Our Famous Nuru Body to Body Mutual Massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique, that originated from Kawasaki, Japan.

This amazing ancient mind-blowing experience allows your Beautiful Masseuse to Slip and slide her body over your body: body to body! Your Masseuse loves to be touched too. You may massage ALL areas of her body except her pelvic area.

This is strictly not allowed! You may caress her body, booty and breasts as you both slip away into euphoric bliss.

The Nuru Body to Body Mutual Touch Sensual Massages our most popular treatment.

Couples Sensual Massage

Take the path of discovery together as partners with a 60 or 90 minute Couples Massage Sensual Massage. Connect as one, physically, mentally and spiritually while exploring your partner’s desires completely. Couples massage sessions can be the key to a long-lasting and plentiful sex life for many partners.

When you lose yourself in the eroticism of being massaged with your partner; it can awaken sexual appetite and allow sensual energies to flow again. We recommend that you discuss the rules of engagement and expectations, with your masseuse before you book your appointment.

The Couples Massage is based on mutual respect. The Masseuse
determines the borders during the Massage!

The Double Trouble Sensual Massage

The Double Trouble Sensual Massage is the ultimate in erotic, and sinful pleasure. Your ultimate fantasy with Two beautiful nude Masseuses satisfying your desire – Double the Pleasure. Double the Euphoria!

This breathtaking mutual erotic massage experience invigorates the mind, body, and soul.

You can Feel the naked empowering tantra energy from two stunning masseuses caress every part of your body as you mind floats into an infinite loop of pleasure.

Starting with FOUR delicate hands, your masseuses will keep you from total relief, allowing you to peak several times. On the final release expect a total sense of euphoria!

Man on the Run

The Euphoria ‘Man on the Run’ is the most satisfying escape for
the successful busy man on the move. This is your euphoric 30-minute heavenly escape from the office, traffic, or pressure.

This the perfect slip away for the busy gentleman, who wants to
skip the traffic, between meetings, or wanting to release some tension.

Escape from the rate race, for a blissful exotic moment.

Alleviates all of your tensions, with an intense and pleasurable release.

The emphasis on straight up no touch sensual massage with a
no frills stress release.

Prostrate Massage

Prostate massages are becoming more mainstream – since (straight) men are finally beginning to recognise how pleasurable it feels to experience a full-body prostate orgasm.

The prostate is a mysterious, misunderstood organ. A walnut-size gland found between a man’s bladder and his rectum; the so-called “male G-spot” can also be a source of mind-blowing pleasure.